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private residence - santa monica mountains  (unbuilt)

Capturing the essence of a site - its views, light, weather, its spirit - and then enhancing one’s experience of being there - doing all this with respect to cost - is crucial to my way of designing. That, and, whenever appropriate and agreeable to the client, achieving authenticity through honest use of materials - respecting their natural characteristics without apology, thereby achieving an important depth to the experience of being there. This project was an exercise in applying these goals.

Unlike the existing house from the mid 60’s which was built for different purposes and with different results, the proposed scheme , its plan, its geometry and layout, and its spatial expression, are an attempt to weave lifestyle patterns with the existing topography, tree locations, sun path, views of surrounding mountains and their ever-changing response to light and weather.  And by extension, to enhance - to heighten and reward - awareness, to set a basis for feeling and being more alive there on that piece of earth. It hasn’t been built to date.