Architecture is shelter designed to gratify, enrich, and otherwise enhance life.

From its primal origins as refuge from the forces of nature, shelter evolves into architecture as more and more thought is applied, value judgments made, and benefits beyond providing simple shelter explored.

Architecture emerges when those thought processes include who we are as sentient human beings – alive and here on this planet. It grows from, and expresses, who we are and where we are, and, like us, at inception is fertile with the potential to become whatever that’s in its nature to be.

Architecture, if it is to be called that, will to some extent enhance awareness:  it will try by some means to encourage consciousness, and by doing so, enrich us emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

Accomplishing this is the challenge facing anyone with an ambition to shape our built world.

Modified from my earlier blog post "why architecture?"


Warren Lawson c8716