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Getting it right asks of design that it not be constrained by the comfortably familiar.

For your house to reach its full potential as a home that's uniquely yours, that works and rewards you with moments of satisfaction, discovery, and delight, it is essential that it be designed with eyes wide open and searching.

Over 40 years experience of searching beyond the familiar are applied to creating such one-of-a-kind environments, ones that you can feel connected to, moved by, in love with.

Whether a remodel or designed from the ground up, your home is regarded as your personal sanctuary - a special place emphasizing you as its source and reason for being, deserving, therefore, close and thoughtful attention to its creation.

Working with a team of expert consultants, I bring that attention to each home, one that's fine-tuned, safe, secure, and with character derived from its particular cicumstances. Each home works. Each becomes a setting for feeling in love with being alive.

To get there, each design strives to be attuned to its site and, whenever possible, to the character, poetry, and rhythms of its natural surroundings.

Various other design paths are explored as well, with special emphasis on those targeting an expanded experience of living. These might include certain features, details, and characteristics that awaken the senses, engage the mind, lift the spirit, and feed the soul - moments that enrich life, recharge it.

The ultimate goal is always a home that exceeds your dreams and brings you home closer to yourself.

Thank you for your interest. For a deeper look, see also:

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If you would like to learn more, forward your request, no obligation.

Warren Lawson c8716