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The heartbeat of my architecture practice is giving shape to your dreams of an ideal home - a home uniquely yours, one that enhances your life and becomes a setting for those special moments of surprise and delight.

Working solo with a team of expert consultants, I'm able to offer you the kind of one to one personal service appropriate to the design and delivery of a fine-tuned home - one with unique character that gratifies, and, above all, that's a setting for those special moments when living there is its own reward.

Each home design aspires to exceed your needs and dreams by also being attuned, where appropriate, to the unique character, poetry, and rhythms of its natural surroundings. Other design paths are also explored that lead to an enriched experience of being alive.  

Those paths include features, details, and characteristics that can spark those moments by awakening the senses, engaging the mind, lifting the spirit, and feeding the soul - moments that concentrate life.

Over 40 years experience are applied to creating environments that work - places where you feel secure, at home in, connected to, moved by, in love with.

Whether a remodel or designed from the ground up, home is regarded as your personal sancuary, a setting where your life can be enriched, nurtured, and recharged - a special place with you as its source and reason for being.    

Thank you for your interest. For more, see:

'getting there'  and: 'within a building's seed sleeps a flower...' If you would like additional information, email your request, no obligation.

Warren Lawson