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We need moments when life feels right - our 'yes' moments.

What lights my fire as an architect is creating settings for those moments through the design of home environments brought to life from their source: the owner's needs and dreams.

To reach that goal, each design, in addition to addressing those needs and dreams, also seeks affinity with the character, poetry, and rhythms of surrounding nature. Or to put it another way, each design explores paths that promise an expanded experience of daily life at home.

That path may include features, details, and characteristics in the home's design that can awaken the senses, engage the mind, lift the spirit, and feed the soul, thereby signalling being alive by triggering those 'yes' moments.

Over 30 years of experience are applied to creating environments that work - places where you feel secure, at home in, connected to, moved by, in love with.  

Whether a remodel or designed from the ground up, home is regarded as your personal sancuary, a setting where your life can be enriched, nurtured, and recharged - a special place with you as its source and reason for being.

The place we call home is the one place most intimately ours. Living there ought to feel right. Whatever its size or scope, when attuned to life and the earth these environments can add dimension to our lives, be its celebration, and leave the earth a better place. At their very best, they can make us happy to be alive, to feel more fully alive.

Getting there...

I'm Warren Lawson, a residential architect in western LA County specializing in homes designed to expand the experience of being alive.  contin...


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