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The site is located 700 feet above the ocean with 180 degree views including, besides Pfeiffer rock below, a panoramic view of South Coast. The existing 760 s.f. cabin was too small for an expanding family and it was showing the effects of the dramatic Big Sur climate.

Along with additional bedroom space for visitors, the owner wanted to enlarge the kitchen area and add a studio.  The first scheme expanded the cabin while adding a studio and sleeping loft on the other side of a drive that passed through the property.  The studio was connected to the main part of the house by a bridge over the drive.  Because of local height restrictions, that scheme was abandoned.

With this scheme the drive was interrupted and the studio and loft were made contiguous with the rest of the house, thereby allowing the footprint to be set back out of a critical view shed.  The plan grew from of a rough idea doodle by the owner indicating the geometry she thought best for capturing the views while allowing for fluid movement throughout. Although the design passed muster with the county, it too was abandoned due to the expanding nature of the owner’s primary residence  back in Los Angeles.  The final scheme, much more reduced in scope, is slated for completion sometime in 2011.


residence - big sur, ca. - scheme #2  (unbuilt)

all renderings and drawings produced with ArchiCAD