As an architect, I bring over 30 years experience to the design of life-centered environments. Specializing in the design of custom homes that work, I give my personal attention to creatively translating client goals and dreams into their own built realities, homes attuned to who they are, their lifestyles, their financial realities, and to the surrounding earth. Each project is approached as a way to improve, architecturally, the way in which life can be experienced, nurtured, and recharged. Regardless of its size or scope, each receives my same close attention.

The place we call home, the one place most intimately ours, if grounded in life, can be its celebration. Living there ought to feel right. Whatever its size or scope, if attuned to life and the earth, these environments when thoughtfully designed can add dimension to our lives. At their very best, they can make waking each morning a special moment.

Hitting the mark architecturally - achieving results that reward - is a complex process. Aside from the architect’s design skills, effective collaboration between all those involved is key to its success. This includes effective communication and mutual grasp of design intent. All the myriad decisions made throughout the course of a project should lead, ultimately, toward client satisfaction with the outcome.

Toward that end, I utilize “Building Information Modeling”, a digital project delivery method. With BIM, design intent can be effectively managed, communicated, and comprehended by those involved. Risk of faulty decisions and costly errors going undetected until later is reduced, thus improving the prospects of achieving a successful outcome.

                   ...The places we inhabit become part of us. For our sake,

                         they deserve to be the best we can make them.


  1. -A client happy with the results.

  2. -Successful joint effort by all involved in the building process.

  3. -A built environment that succeeds, both experientially and financially, in meeting the client’s goals and mine, enhances their life, meets my standards, and  whenever possible, leaves the earth a better place to be.

  4. -Finding the most effective and appropriate means of weaving client lifestyle patterns with site conditions and energy considerations.

  5. -Facilitating the achievement of maximum integrity by grounding the design firmly in the present and, when appropriate, using building materials in as simple, honest and authentic a manner as possible.

  6. -Respect the fact that each project is for the client; that their money is paying for it.

  7. -Aim high with feet firmly planted on the ground.


  1. -Collect data; establish wants, goals and priorities including esthetic values and   budgetary limitations - make a wish list.

  2. -Identify an effective path to achieving those goals and priorities.

  3. -Identify potential obstacles to achieving those goals and priorities; Search for means of reconciling and merging conflicting viewpoints, goals, esthetic values, etc.. 

  4. -Explore possibilities; look beyond the familiar.

  5. -Encourage early participation by the contractor along with other team members.

Projects include custom residences, from simple home remodels and additions, to ground-up, high-end homes, including interiors. Past project locations include Malibu, Los Angeles, La Jolla, Big Sur, Phoenix, western Arizona,  Oregon.

Warren Lawson Architect




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